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The principalship can be quite overwhelming for early career administrators. Continuous reforms and constant demands from multiple levels often create havoc for even the most experienced leader. How can a principal manage the melange of roles and responsibilities facing them each day? Join this conversation, led by accomplished national leaders in the field, and learn success strategies to help manage the principal maze successfully. This session will address:

  • Communication Essentials
  • The Principal as Instructional Leader
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment
  • Special Education: The Principal’s Role
  • Family Engagement
  • Dealing with Challenging People
  • Balancing the Principalship: Personally and Professionally
  • Q&A Wrap-Up

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Most Popular Resources


Training Program - Reading Recovery
Program and books - Leveled Literacy Intervention and Guided Reading (LLI) developed by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell
Materials and PD - Kagan Strategies developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan
Program - Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching developed by Anita Archer
Programs and online resources - Daily 5 and Cafe developed by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser
Training - Conscious Discipline Training
Program - CGI-Cognitively Guided Instructions available through multiple sources
Program - Brain-Based Learning developed by Marcia Tate
Curriculum - Blueprint for Early Literacy developed by Children's Literacy Initiative

Leadership Growth & Learning

Book and training materials: What Great Principals Do Differently: 18 Things that Matter,* by Todd Whitaker
Books, blog, seminars: Teach Like a Pirate,* Lead like a Pirate, by Dave Burgess
Blog: Principal Principles by Stephanie McConnell
Book: Leverage Leadership by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Student Growth & Achievement

Book & training materials: Visible Learning & The Science of How We Learn, by John Hattie
Books and training materials: Teaching with Poverty in Mind, by Eric Jensen

Instructional Leadership & School Culture

Book and training materials: Mindset by Carol Dweck
Book and training materials: Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Education News & Updates

NAESP's Principal Insights
Marshall Memo

September/October 2018
New Principal Connection

Focus Topic Back to School!
-The greatest challenges (and successes!) new principals met.
-What district-level initiatives are being addressed.
-Where and from whom new principals received the most help.

May/June 2018
New Principal Connection

Focus Topic Retrospective Look
-The greatest challenges (and successes!) new principals met.
-The most effective strategies implemented that made a difference.
-Where and from whom new principals received the most help.
-How the job measured up compared to their expectations. Download

March/April 2018
New Principal Connection

Focus Topic Feedback
-How principal feedback is used.
-Who feedback is provided to and received from.
-The most commonly used platforms to communicate feedback.
-What challenges new principals face when providing feedback. Download

Jan./Feb. 2018
New Principal Connection

Focus Topic PSEL Standards!
-What PSEL Standards are and were created to accomplish.
-How familiar new principals are with the new standards.
-Which standards new principals have got down, and which they might need a little help with. Download

Oct./Nov. 2017
New Principal Connection

Focus Topic Back to School!
-What areas of strengths and preparedness helped you to have a successful school opening.
-The biggest (and smallest) challenges you'll face this year, both professional and school-based.
-Your school demographics, and how they compare to your colleagues! Download