Join the National Panel of New Principals!


Make a difference for yourself and your profession.

When you join the panel, you become part of a prestigious national community of new principals that contributes to a dynamic knowledge base about what it’s really like to be a new principal today.

You’ll gain insights into how your experience as a new principal compares to your peers and you’ll get ideas that will help you succeed in your new role.


Participating in the panel is completely free, requires a very small time commitment, and provides you with valuable benefits! 

  • Who Qualifies: Elementary and middle-level principals in their first or second year as a principal (Note: Refers to the number of years in the principalship, not the number of years at a specific school).
  • What Panelists Do: Panelists participate in four to six online surveys each year on a relevant topic. Each survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • What Panelists Get: The popular New Principal Connection brief which summarizes each survey’s results and highlights early career principals’ best ideas; opportunities to participate in special webinars throughout the year; a personalized National Panelist certificate.

"I've really enjoyed being on the panel. There's a multiplier effect when individual principals who are new to the job share what works and the strategies that have made a difference for them - it makes us all a little smarter."


San Diego, CA

"The panel provided me with a forum to freely express my thoughts, opinions, and frustrations. I enjoyed reading how my feelings were not unique. Hearing other new principals help me cope with my own feelings. Thank you."

Evangelina Cantu

South Gate, CA